Stretches for Running

Stretches Develop a set of pre and post run stretches. Have a standard set especially for legs, core, back and shoulders but throw in some new ones occasionally
Pre-run stretches Your pre-run stretches should be short and sharp so as to activate the muscles. Any stretch longer than 10 seconds tends to put the muscle to sleep
Lifestyle stretches Stretch at anytime during day and night – get into a life-long habit of stretching, even at your desk or watching TV, stretch your feet by rolling a tennis ball around with foot
Leg stretches Stretch your calves, quads, hammies, groin and archilies both before and after running
Hill stretches Back, forward and side lunges, leg lifts, archilies and ITB & foot stretches
Foot stretches Practice picking up objects in your toes at any time of the day. Things like golf balls work well. Pick them up and place them elsewhere. Share workouts between both feet.
Foot stretches Use a tennis ball to massage your feet. Put your foot on the top of a tennis ball and roll around for about ten minutes. Repeat on other foot. Repeat 3-4 times a week
Foot stretches Spread your toes. Place your feet flat on a floor and practice spreading your toes. Stretch them out, hold the stretch and then release. Do this for about 10 minutes each foot and repeat on other foot.